Friday, August 01, 2003

More Muslim Terror

Debkafile reports,

At least 20 killed in car-bomb blast that destroyed a Russian military hospital in north Ossetian town of Mozdok Friday. At least 100 wounded people in hospital at time of explosion. Mozdok is main staging point for Russian forces fighting in Chechnya

Why Are We Giving Them A State Again?

Those peace-loving Palestinians held a rally in Gaza today in support of Uday and Qusay Hussein.

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip offered prayers Friday for the slain sons of Saddam Hussein, praising the ousted Iraqi leader as an enemy of Israel and the United States.

At a memorial tent festooned with portraits of Saddam and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, some 300 men drank black coffee and prayed for Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay, who were killed by U.S. troops in the northern Iraq city of Mosul 10 days ago.

Remind me, someone, why these beasts deserve a state?

Thursday, July 31, 2003

More Hope

Things are looking a little better concerning the Road Map, and my worries that America is going to sell Israel out. Uri Dan gives hope.

The joint press conference in the Rose Garden proved that Sharon and Bush had returned the game to square one: Abu Mazen's commitment to dismantle the terrorist organizations - Hamas, the Jihad, and all the rest. Despite the heat and humidity of Washington the two leaders spoke with one voice on this issue, saying they had no intention of making any concessions to Abu Mazen and Dahlan, who need to dismantle the terrorist infrastructures before any advance to the next stage is possible.

Bush viewed with considerable gravity and anxiety Iran's attempts to develop nuclear weapons and its progress in the enrichment of uranium. The US's military achievements in Iraq must act as a deterrent to these efforts that endanger the peace of the world. Bush also asked Sharon about the reemergence of anti-Semitism in Europe, and who lies behind it.

Abu Mazen, who avoided visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington, has apparently not yet realized who President Bush is, or that the rules of the game have changed.

I hope so. I hope Michael Freund was wrong when he wrote about George W. Clinton.
Arab "Education"

Caroline Glick writes another fantastic column (as she always does) on Arab culture and mentality, and why there will probably never be peace at this pace.

Many Israelis and our friends in the US have come to understand that for peaceful relations between Israel and the Palestinians to take root, Palestinian society must be transformed. It must abandon its genocidal, authoritarian aspirations and become a liberal democracy. Speaking at the Knesset on Wednesday, US House of Representatives Majority Leader Tom DeLay said, "A prerequisite to a lasting peace is the establishment of a genuine Palestinian democracy that serves the Palestinian people."

And yet, understanding that the cultural and political identity of the Palestinians is a product of the Arab and Islamic world must necessarily give pause to our enthusiasm for pushing forward with this goal. Israel cannot take over the madrases from Riyadh to Damascus to Karachi or close down the television stations in Cairo, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar. Because of this, it can exert little influence over the hearts and minds of the Palestinians.

Even with all the enthusiasm going on about the Road Map and all, the fact of the matter is that it is not possible to make peace with a people that trains its coming generations to hate, kill, and destroy thier future partners in peace.
Peace-Loving Palestinians

The problem with the western world is the civilized manner it functions in. We behave as human beings, respect one another, and are all against unprovoked violence. These are the basic tenets of our society. We live with one another, we love one another, and accept all peoples of the world as equals. In short, we are civilized, and we can't understand why the Arabs aren't.

Let's start understanding. Steven Plaut argues that unlike civilized people, most Arabs are not against random acts of murder and terror, and that is what delays peace in the Middle East.

The one imponderable in American civic theology is the idea that somewhere out there someplace there just might be a group of people - the majority of whom are not peace-loving or honest or tolerant. This belief in universal peacefulness in the minds of Americans is the main obstacle to Americans ever understanding the Middle East. The simple fact of the matter is that the overwhelmingly vast majority of Arabs, and the overwhelmingly vast majority of Moslems, are not peace-loving and are not opposed to violence.

Islam is a religion of peace with other Moslems, and for subordinated non-Moslems, living under the clear domination of Moslems.

The vast majority of Moslems do not personally engage in violence and terror in their daily lives. The vast majority of Germans did not take personal part in the Holocaust. Indeed, as a blanket statement regarding Arabs in Israel, I would say that most Arabs behave in a far more polite daily manner than Jews, exhibiting on average far better manners and more consideration than do Jewish Israelis. But, of course, that is hardly the point.

The vast majority of Moslems support the random and indiscriminate use of terror and violence against Jews and against Americans. The reactions of Moslems everywhere are there on the TV screens for all to see. The vast majority of Arabs openly or secretly approved of Bin Laden's campaign of terror against Americans, approved of the bombings of the World Trade Center and the US African Embassies. Arab political thought is fundamentally Orwellian: murder is resistance, prevention of murder or retaliation for murder is terror. Moslems were outraged by events in the Balkans because Moslems were being massacred; if Bosnians and Albanians were instead massacring Serbs, they would have trouble hiding their approval.


Where Are Saddam's WMD?

We've heard for a while about the lack of WMD in Iraq. Some supporters of the war have responded that the weapons were shipped to Syria, as Debkafile reported during the war. Well, there isn't any real proof to this, but the news today frightens me.

Syria has at least 100 long-range ballistic nerve-gas missiles aimed at central Israel, Jane's Foreign Affairs reported this week.

A senior Israeli defense source told Foreign Affairs that the missiles are equipped with VX, the most lethal nerve gas, and that the Syrians have now achieved their aim of balancing Israel's nuclear advantage.

Where did these weapons suddenly come from?? I wonder.....
I Should Hope So

Ariel Sharon has, for now, put to rest some of my fears of the Road Map to destruction.

Citing historical precedents where failure to abide by the letter of diplomatic agreements led to disaster, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pledged Thursday to insist the Palestinians fully carry out their obligations under the road map.

"The experience of the past shows that the worst mistake, after reaching an agreement, is ignoring violations in implementation, even if they appear small,"

Likewise, Sharon said that for the past three years Israel has paid a very high price for overlooking Palestinian violations of the Oslo and Wye accords, including the PA's failure to dismantle the terrorist organizations, confiscate and remove illegal arms, and stop the "unbearable incitement" against Israel in the PA media and educational system.

This time, Sharon pledged, things will be different

I hope he means what he says. Chances are though, he's going to get dragged into this process, (not one of peace, hence the omission,) whether he likes it or not. We're going to see a repeat of Oslo, no matter what Sharon wants. The entire world community, which Sharon cares for so much, (which is beyond my understanding,) is so absorbed into the "momentum," Israel will get sucked in to the same fake hope.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

More Tom Delay

Another great quote from Tom Delay I found at Frontpagemagazine. He didn't say this in his speech to the Knesset, but it's still worth posting. Tom Delay on the Hudna:

"Murderers who take a 90-day vacation are still murderers." -- Tom DeLay, speaking in the Middle East.

Was He Trying To Be Funny?

Kofi Annan condemned the security wall being built in Israel, and he was apparently trying to sound "bright."

"I know it's the conventional wisdom that [good] fences make good neighbours, but that is if you build a fence on your own land and you don't disrupt your neighbour's life," he told reporters in New York.

Wow, absolutely brilliant. Sheer genius.

What an ass.

Islam=Tolerance (Of Course It Does....)

From Worldnetdaily:

After slaughtering a Muslim-turned-Christian, Islamic extremists have reportedly returned the man's body to his Palestinian family in four pieces.

According to a report from the Barnabas Fund, the newly converted man left his friends and family earlier this month bound for a mountainous region of the Palestinian Authority area. He reportedly took Christian material with him – videos, cassette tapes and a Bible. After approximately 10 days, the body of the man, who left behind a wife and two small children, was returned to his home, having been cut into four pieces. The family believes the act was meant a warning to other Muslims who might consider becoming Christians.

You have got to be totally sickened by this. This is horrifying. What is going through our president's mind, or should I say veins, when he says Islam is a religion of peace??
Investigate The State Department

Israpundit links to an excellent article on the State Department, and how backwards it really is.

The US State Department acts independently of US congressional approval in its implementation of middle east policy, while obfuscating basic facts from the Executive Branch of the US government, leaving the White House and Congress totally in the dark as to the reality of the Palestinian Authority

These are matters that must be brought to the immediate attention of the White House, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the US House International Relations Committee, and to the media . . .

1. The US State Department has ignored all data brought to its attention from Israeli intelligence which provides documents, records minutes, and recordings which demonstrate Abu Mazen's direct involvement with the PLO murder campaign which has ensued over the past three years, which have resulted in more than 18,000 terror attacks and more than 800 Israeli citizens who have been murdered by Arab terrorists in cold blood.

2. The US State Department has demanded that Israel free hundreds of Arabs who have been involved in acts of murder and premeditated murder, the Arab terrorist did not directly commit an act of murder.

3. The US State Department has demanded that Israel free members of Arab terror organizations who are ideologically committed to murdering Jews.

And much much more.
A Good Synopsis Of The Road Map

Israel Asper has an excellent column on the National Post on what the Road Map really is, how far it's gotten, and how far it's going to get before it dies. (Which will inevitably happen.)

As you read, listen to, or watch today's media, you would think the road map is all about Israel refusing to free captured terrorist prisoners; you would think it was about Israel building a security fence to keep out Arab terrorists; you would think it is about Israel being forced to let Palestinian workers, terrorists amongst them, come back in to work in Israel; you would think it was about demanding that Israel make "confidence-building" gestures to support Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, for which there is no quid pro quo, quite unilaterally, so that Abbas will be able to deliver eventually on his promises.

The road map is about none of these matters. In fact, none of them are even part of the road map. They are merely red herrings dragged across the picture by the Palestinians to try and distract the world from the fact they are not carrying out their commitments that the road map actually provides, and to which they say they've agreed.

Israel is now entitled to call a halt to its obligations under the road map, based on Palestinian non-compliance -- and it should do exactly that.

What Saddam Did Wrong

Rich Lowry explains why Iraq was attacked, yet Saudi Arabia continues to enjoy full US support.

Saddam's grossest error, of course, was invading Kuwait. But if he had taken the Saudi route, he probably could have gotten away with presenting much more direct threats to the interests of the United States.

Riyadh created a worldwide Islamic extremist network that provides the sea in which al-Qaida swims. Islamic expert Alex Alexiev has reported that the Saudi push for its extremist brand of Islam represents "the largest worldwide propaganda campaign ever mounted." Saudi "charities," nominally private but really controlled by the government, have pumped funds to terror groups. Saudi-funded Islamic schools promoted the radicalization of Islam in Pakistan and provided the recruits for the Taliban terror regime in Afghanistan.

According to a report in Newsweek, the 9-11 report documents how a Saudi who might have been a government agent had ties to two of the suicide hijackers living in San Diego prior to the attacks.

But Saudi flack Prince Bandar has extensive personal relationships with top Washington policy-makers -- he used to play racquetball with Colin Powell -- and knows the way to official Washington's heart: cash. The Saudis make a practice, for instance, of buying former U.S. ambassadors to Saudi Arabia. "If the reputation then builds that the Saudis take care of friends when they leave office," Bandar once said, "you'd be surprised how much better friends you have who are just coming into office."


You gotta read Tom Delay, House majority leader, in a speech to the Knesset today. I won't bring any excerpts because it's so good, I can't choose which part to quote.

It truly is amazing.
Terror Attacks On The Way

I may be pessimistic, but I'm probably right. Every time Israel leaves a Palestinian town, removes the curfew, or eases restrictions, major attacks usually follow in the next few days.

At the same time, he expressed willingness to hand over two additional West Bank cities, Kalkilya and Jericho, to PA security control within days, Israeli security officials said.

"The Palestinians have not yet started to arrest terrorists, collect arms, or destroy the infrastructure in Bethlehem and the Gaza Strip that was handed over to them some weeks ago," an official said.

Another point of concern for Israel is the ongoing attempts by Hamas to extend the range of the Kassam rocket, seen in test launches they carry out almost daily over the sea, an official said.
"We are also aware of the transferral of technology by Hamas from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank. This will pose a direct threat to Israel's coastal area in the future if the Palestinians refuse to deal with the issue immediately," the official said.

Yet? Does he really expect them to start at one point?? Israel will continue giving the Palestinians more and more, and the Palestinians wil do nothing in return. It'll still be Israels fault though, when the whole process collapses. It always is, for some reason or another.

Mark my words. Attacks are coming.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Road Map Will Fail

Tom Neumann explains why the Road Map Will fail. The authors aren't committed to what they wrote.

For example, the United States, which declared last year that it would no longer deal with Yasser Arafat, is turning a blind eye to the reality that Mr. Arafat is continuing to call the shots. And all four sponsors of the road map are ignoring the reality that the Palestinians have refused to disarm their terrorist organizations, one of the plan's most urgent requirements.

This is not the way it was supposed to be. The demands go well beyond the road map.

Yet incredibly, the other road map sponsors — the European Union, Russia and the United Nations are providing the Palestinians with public support on these issues.

Worse, they have declared that they intend to continue to deal directly with Mr. Arafat as the recognized leader of the Palestinians, regardless of the wishes of the United States and Israel and of the many Palestinian moderates who are sick of Mr. Arafat's corruption.

By conferring this recognition on Mr. Arafat, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia seriously undermine the authority of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to conduct further negotiations with Israel, thereby making the chances of success far less likely. In effect, they are torpedoing their own road map.

Neumann is right when he says that they are torpedoing thier own roadmap. They are ignoring the fact that the Palestinians aren't doing anything that they committed to, and instead pressuring Israel to "do more."

This isn't going to get us anywhere.
The Day Of Reckoning Is Near

Saddam Hussein's worst nightmare is coming.

American soldiers overpowered and arrested a bodyguard who rarely left Saddam Hussein's side Tuesday and said they obtained documents and information that could help them close in on the former dictator.

As "one of Saddam's lifelong bodyguards," Adnan Abdullah Abid al-Musslit was believed to have detailed knowledge of the former president's hiding places, said Lt. Col. Steve Russell, who led the raid. He said documents taken from the home and information obtained from the men would be useful in the hunt for Saddam.

"Every guy we get tightens the noose," said Russell, commander of the 4th Infantry Division's 22nd Infantry Regiment. "Every photo and every document connects the dots."

It's only a matter of time.
Saudi Terror Involvement

President Bush is refusing Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia's request to release the classified pages of the 9/11 report.

President Bush rejected requests to declassify sections of a Congressional report on Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that dealt with questions of a supposed Saudi link.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan says the U.S. will not compromise intelligence sources or put the war on terrorism "at risk" by declassifying the information. McClellan says the information could compromise "sources and methods" of intelligence, reports CBS News White House Correspondent Peter Maer.

Declassifying 28 pages of redacted material, as has been requested by the Saudi government and some members of Congress, would "compromise our national security and possibly interfere with the investigation of the events of Sept. 11," McClellan said.

I don't buy it. This is one time when I'm not going to side with Bush. I want to see that report. I want to know what the Saudis had to do with the murder of 3000 Americans. Or is our realtionship with Saudi Arabia, the world's #1 exporter of terrorism, more important??
Hudna Alert

The Hudna is only a temporary cease-fire, a strategic decision, like we all know. Well, here's the result of the Hudna.

The IDF is preparing for a new wave of Palestinian terror attacks against Israel, Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon said Tuesday.

Speaking at the IDF induction center near Tel Aviv, Ya'alon said that he expected new attacks against Israel unless the Palestinian leadership took action against the terror infrastructure, Israel Radio reported.

Ya'alon said that he anticipates a relatively quiet period but will be counting the days until a new wave of terror attacks begins.

And the Road Map continues...........
Can't Blame Him

EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana meets today with Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas, in France. What is there to say, when even the only world leader that isn't morally backward, George Bush, is meeting with this terrorist?

Monday, July 28, 2003

Paul Wolfowitz On Iraq

Paul Wolfowitz writes about the Iraqis' new-found hopes.

Traveling throughout Iraq last week, I heard many more accounts of unspeakable brutality -- on a scale unimaginable for Americans. While we were in the north, one commander told us workers had temporarily stopped the excavation of a newly discovered mass gravesite, after unearthing the remains of 80 women and children -- some still with little dresses and toys.

In many ways, the people of Iraq are like prisoners who endured years of solitary confinement -- without light, without peace, without much knowledge of the outside world. They have just emerged into the bright light of hope and fresh air of freedom. It may take a while for them to adjust to this new landscape free of torture trees.

The UN And The PA

Joel Mowbray writes about the demonization of Israel in the PA and the UN.

As Israel moves to meet the requirements laid out for it under the so-called "road map" to peace, it does so alone. Other key players, namely the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations, are up to their old tricks.

Two recent events clearly illustrate the real obstacles to peace: a just-released report on the new textbooks used in Palestinian schools and the latest shenanigans of the U.N. Human Rights Commission under the leadership of a Libyan "judge." In each instance, Israel is demonized just as it was before the much-publicized efforts for "peace."

Where is the Road Map going? The United States can't even stop incitement coming from New York. How does it expect to stop it in the West Bank??

Palestinians Fight Terror

A terrorist who lives at least part-time in Arafat's Mukata compound in Ramallah is organizing suicide bombings - and the PA refuses to arrest him.

The story begins this past Thursday when the Shabak arrested a Fatah Al-Aksa terrorist in Ramallah named Assam. He told his interrogators that a double suicide attack was planned for the near future, to be carried out by two women from Shechem who were to pick up their explosives in Ramallah and detonated them on the pre-1967 side of the Green Line. Supervising the plan, according to Assam, is a terrorist named Kamal Anam, who has long been wanted by Israel for organizing shooting attacks that led to three Israeli deaths. Even before the release of the latest information, Israel asked the PA to arrest him; his whereabouts are known, yet the PA has not done so. Other terrorists involved in the planned attacks live in the Mukata.

There isn't anything to comment on this. It's just, depressing, I guess.
Powell: Hamas Ain't All That Bad

Secretary Of State Colin Powell has stated that Hamas and Islamic Jihad don't have to be disbanded.

In the interview, Powell also did not rule out the prospect that Islamic Jihad would be saved from destruction.

On Thursday, Powell elaborated on the plan to save Islamic insurgency groups from being disbanded. He told a news conference that Hamas provides "good works" for the Palestinians and could be reformed.

"Any organization that has a terrorist component to it and supports that kind of terrorist activity cannot have a place in the peace process," Powell said. "Now, if an organization that has a terrorist component to it, a terrorist wing to it, totally abandons that, gives it up, and there's no question in anyone's mind that that is part of its past, then that is a different organization. But right now, Hamas still has a social wing to it that does things for people in need, but, unfortunately, its good works are contaminated by the fact that it has a terrorist wing that kills innocent people and kills the hopes of the Palestinian people for a state of their own."

Officials said the guidelines on the reformation of Islamic insurgency groups might not apply to Islamic Jihad. They said that unlike Hamas, Jihad only has a military wing. But they said Jihad could be offered an option to turn into a political movement.

Fantastic. I think Caroline Glick was right last week when she said that "Unfortunately it seems that the administration is intent on failing this test," and the rest of the war on terror.

"Peaceful" ISM Demonstration

Terrorists, or activists from the International Solidarity movement, participated in a non-violent protest today, to protest the construction of a security fence.

Israelis, Palestinians and foreign volunteers affiliated with the International Solidarity Movement were confronted with tear gas and rubber bullets on Monday when they tore down portions of the security fence and forced open a locked gate to allow villagers of Anin, north west of Jenin, to tend to their fields.

Andrew, a 28 year old Scotsman who arrived in Israel a little under a month ago, has since been dwelling in the Territories. He has assisted in removing roadblocks and witnessed events on the ground in order to inform organizations back home, he said. It was the first time he had participated in a protest against the "apartheid wall", as he put it. "The focus of the march was to open the gate and protest the existence of the fence," he said, adding, "I am part of a non-violent campaign."

Oh those peace loving activists. Little Green Footballs brings a report that while staging this destructo-fest, these peaceful, nonviolent “activists” were shouting a familiar Hamas slogan in English: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” ...in other words, openly calling for the complete destruction of Israel.

Oh so peaceful.

Missing Soldier Found Dead

As the Hudna continues, the body of Oleg Shaikhet, a soldier missing since last monday, has been found between two Arab villages.

The IDF and police announced they found the body of Cpl. Oleg Shaikhet, 20, of Upper Nazareth. Shaikhet went missing last Monday after leaving his base at IDF Northern Command headquarters in Safed.

In a statement, the police said trackers and volunteers this afternoon discovered a body buried in an olive grove between Kfar Kana and Mash-had, near Nazareth. They believe the body is that of Shaikhet.

Hudna, anyone?

Friday, July 25, 2003

Tha War On Terror- A Success Story

Charles Krauthammer lists all the successes of the war on terror since September 11th, and advises Liberals to get a life.

The fact that the Democrats and the media can't seem to let go of it, however, is testimony to their need (and ability) to change the subject. From what? From the moral and strategic realities of Iraq. The moral reality finally burst through the yellowcake fog with the death of the Hussein brothers, psychopathic torturers who would be running Iraq if not for the policy enunciated by President Bush in that very same State of the Union address.

That moral reality is a little hard for the left to explain, considering the fact that it parades as the guardian of human rights and all-around general decency, and rallied millions to prevent the policy that liberated Iraq from Uday and Qusay's reign of terror.

1) In Afghanistan, the Taliban have been overthrown and a decent government has been installed.

(2) In Iraq, the Saddam Hussein regime has been overthrown, the dynasty has been destroyed and the possibility for a civilized form of governance exists for the first time in 30 years.

(3) In Iran, with dictatorships toppled to the east (Afghanistan) and the west (Iraq), popular resistance to the dictatorship of the mullahs has intensified.

And there are a bunch of other ones. Fantastic column.
Americans Aren't Buying It Either

Mahmoud Abbas apparently is doing a very bad job of acting as a peacemaker. A majority of Americans still believe the Palestinians aren't serious about peace.

The survey of 800 registered voters on July 21-22, commission by the Israel Project, found that 95% of Americans think the Palestinians need to arrest and disarm terrorists, and 88% believe the leadership must halt all incitement before a state of Palestine is created.

In addition, 83% said Israel should not release any Palestinian prisoners who have killed Israeli citizens, as demanded by terrorist groups, and just 15% said they have faith in the hudna, or temporary ceasefire between those groups, compared to 78% who said the hudna isn't enough to secure peace.

Maybe if our president would listen to the people who elected him.

Is He Cracked?? II

Yossi Beilin, former Minister in the Knesset, writes an opinion column in the NY Times today. I don't know what he was smoking when he wrote this.

Mr. Sharon wants to get to the second part of the road map quickly because creating a Palestinian entity covering about half of the West Bank would solve for him a huge demographic problem — as things stand now, in seven years the Israeli government will rule over a larger number of Palestinians than Jews — while leaving Israel a considerable part of the territories it captured in 1967.

He has far less interest, however, in relinquishing the rest of the territories, as would be required in the third phase. Undoubtedly, he would prefer if the settlement controversy stalled the road map, keeping the embittered Palestinians perpetually in a small, economically emaciated state with no capital or claim on Jerusalem.

I think Ariel Sharon does have far less interest in relinquishing the rest of the territories, but not for the above reason. You see, Ariel Sharon believes in reality. If the Palestinians get all the territories, he knows that they will use it as a launching pad for the "final solution," but Mr. Belin apparently lives in a parallel universe, where the Arabs actually want peace.

Mr. Beilin sounds like a paranoid schitzophrenic when he says "keeping the embittered Palestinians perpetually in a small, economically emaciated state." He acts as if Sharon's goal in life is to make life difficult for the Palestinians, and that is a ridiculous thing to say.
Tom Delay For Likud

I think Tom Delay would do a much better job as Prime Minister than Ariel Sharon.

"I'm sure there are some in the administration who are smarter than me, but I can't imagine in the very near future that a Palestinian state could ever happen," he said in an interview today, as he prepared to leave for a weeklong official tour.

"I can't imagine this president supporting a state of terrorists, a sovereign state of terrorists," he said. "You'd have to change almost an entire generation's culture."

During the last year or two, Mr. DeLay has emerged as a significant figure in Middle East policy, particularly since his ascension to the majority leader's post this session. He has often fought for more aid to Israel than the Bush administration has offered, and has in the past called the peace plan "a road map to destruction."

"So far, I can't be critical, but I do have grave concerns," he said. "I have watched peace process after peace process after peace process, which is what happens when the process drives everything, not the peace. When they talk about a road map, I question whether this is a road map based on the president's speech, or a road map based on some State Department concept of another peace process."

Road Map To Arafat

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian PM, has once again affirmed his allegiance to the father of all terrorists, Yasir Arafat, in a speech to the House International Relations Committee.

Abbas, who is to meet with US President George W. Bush on Friday to discuss the road map for a two-state solution, told members of the House International Relations Committee during a closed session Thursday: "The road map does not say anything about isolating Arafat. Nobody really asked us to do so."

He then added somewhat cryptically, according to one person present: "It's not my government that accepted the road map. It was the previous one of Arafat that accepted it."

Fortunately, Congress isn't buying it.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida), who asked Abbas about his pledges to continue working with Arafat, told The Jerusalem Post she found Abbas's comments "very disturbing."

"I would not say that he greatly impressed too many people in the audience," she said.

The War On Terrorism

Sometimes it seems as if the US isn't serious about the war on terrorism. Caroline Glick from The Jerusalem Post argues that the US better get serious or else, it isn't going to win this war.

Unfortunately, this is far from the case. The question of the nature of the war the US is fighting is critical to determining whether or not the US is adopting strategies capable of winning the war. The intellectual split between Pipes and Djerejian and the policies their views prescribe could not be starker. Pipes and his intellectual allies view the war as a cultural battle which pits Arab fascists and Islamic totalitarians against their own people as well as against Western democracies.

Djerejian and his fellows view the war as a conflict between helpless and pitiable masses led (happily) by exotic and oil-rich Arab leaders and what they perceive as Western imperialism best manifested in Israel.

The Senate's tabling of Pipes's nomination is a small yet vital test of the administration's resolve. Unfortunately it seems that the administration is intent on failing this test.

Exactly. Daniel Pipes' nomination is just one test the administration must pass. The president can't allow the State Department, which is a hotbed of Arabists, to dictate his policy, because if he does, he isn't winning this war.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

BBC Bias

In an article on the current "crisis" going on within the Palestinian Authority, regarding the "no confidence" motion against Abbas, the BBC tells a complete lie.

The Palestinians see the prisoner releases as a key part of the plan, but Israel sees it as a goodwill gesture rather than an obligation.

The prisoner release isn't just another disagreement between Israel and the Palestinians. The Road Map does not even mention prisoner release, yet the BBC acts as if Israel is obligated to release the prisoners.

Now I Get It!!

Nissan Ratzlav Katz, opinion editor at Arutz-7, finally understands why Israel isn't accepted in the Middle East by its neighbors.

The Moslem and Arab press and leadership regularly condemn Israel - a fellow Middle Eastern state - for brutality, racism, oppression, etc. of the Arabs in Israel. Arabs, Moslems and their sympathizers the world also over condemn Israel for its tactics in fighting Islamist and pan-Arab terrorism.

How do those states that vociferously condemn Israel behave when facing situations similar to our own? Perhaps, were Israel to emulate the behavior of those regimes, we would finally be accepted as an integral part of the region.

Lesson V - Arrest everybody. If you can’t arrest them, kill them. And cut off basic services to achieve the desired result.

Saudis also apparently have a problem with too many resident Yemenite Arabs, whom the authorities consider both an ethnic and security threat. What can the Saudis teach Israel regarding the solution to such a problem? The Saudis are in favor of transfer. Well, for Yemenites living in Saudi Arabia, anyway. According to a report on ArabicNews.com, Saudi authorities have detained and interrogated thousands of Yemenites and are keeping them in “collective detention centers”. A Yemeni opposition newspaper, al-Ummah, reported that “Saudi authorities evacuated 3,600 Yemenites from its territories....”

Read this one, It's great.
NY Times

The NY Times can't help it, but an anti-road map book made the NY Times best-sellers list.

Beyond Iraq: The Next Move, a book that claims Israel is being used as a pawn to pay the appeasement bill for the US war in Iraq, has reached The New York Times best-sellers list.

Conservatives Aren't Rats

"Researchers" at the University of Berkeley have discovered what makes a Conservative.

Four researchers who culled through 50 years of research literature about the psychology of conservatism report that at the core of political conservatism is the resistance to change and a tolerance for inequality, and that some of the common psychological factors linked to political conservatism include:

Fear and aggression
Dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity
Uncertainty avoidance
Need for cognitive closure
Terror management

The stupidity of this "study" speaks for itself.

This Palestinian show is really starting to get old already.

The Palestinian parliament could vote Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas from power unless he wins substantial Israeli concessions in upcoming talks in Washington, a top Palestinian official said Wednesday.

Right. As if they have a real "parliament," and they actually "vote." Another ploy to get the US to pressure Israel, because, if they don't, Abbas' government will fall!! Oh no!!

What a load of crap.

He's Got A Point

Maybe the US shouldn't have killed Uday and Qusay Hussein, according to one Iraqi.

But at least one man voiced disappointment that Uday, who ran much of Iraq's media and sport with a heavy hand, had been killed. "I don't want him dead. I want to torture him first," said Alaa Hamed, who was a producer at Uday's television station. He said Uday beat him with electrical cables when he made mistakes.

Is He Cracked??

Rep. Charlie Rangel of NY today harshly criticized the US raid that left Saddam Hussein's sons dead.

The U.S. acted illegally when its soldiers attacked and killed Uday and Qusay Hussein, a leading Democratic congressman complained on Tuesday, before mocking the military maneuver that succeeded in eliminating the brutal duo.

"We have a law on the books that the United States should not be assassinating anybody," Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes."

"We tried to assassinate Castro and we paid dearly for it," Rangel contended. "And when you personalize the war and you say you're killing someone's kids, then they, in turn, think they can kill somebody."

(1) The "law" is against assassinating foreign leaders, not anybody.
(2) It wasn't a law, it was an executive order.
(3) Uday and Qusay Hussein weren't foreign leaders.
(4) "Kill somebody's kids?" These aren't harmless 12 year old "kids," they're mass murderers.
(5) "They, in turn, think they can kill somebody?" Cause daddy boy hasn't done that in the last twenty years.

Yea, he's cracked.

Three Cheers for Bill

You know, I hate Bill Clinton with a passion, but today, I have to hand it to him, he said some really smart things.

"You know, everybody makes mistakes when they are president," Clinton said. "I mean, you can't make as many calls as you have to make without messing up once in awhile. The thing we ought to be focused on is what is the right thing to do now. That's what I think."

"People can quarrel with whether we should have more troops in Afghanistan or internationalize Iraq or whatever, but it is incontestable that on the day I left office, there were unaccounted for stocks of biological and chemical weapons."

Now, there is probably some alterior motive for these statements, beause Bill Clinton is simply evil. But, still, I applaud the former president for this statement.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Palestinian Incitement

"We will also act vigorously against incitement to violence and hatred." - Mahmoud Abbas

Yea, Right.

It opens with a girl laughing on a swing, which turns into a flaming inferno, which then engulfs a child's rocking horse as well. The message: Israelis firebomb children at play, leaving behind flaming swings and rocking horses. Children are then shown playing football, until a bomb hidden by Israel inside the ball explodes when a child kicks it. Then a father reads his young son a section from the Koran that calls for fighting enemies, and actually hands him a stone to throw. Actors then depict Israeli soldiers murdering an elderly man by shooting him in the head; this is followed by a mother and her infant being blown up by Israeli soldiers.

All this and much more is depicted on one video, set to music for Palestinian children.

Even when an opinion appears in the media calling for an immediate halt to terrorism, it never rejects terrorism as a legitimate tool. Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala), a man seen by Israel as a legitimate, even moderate, PA leader, explained his call to stop suicide terrorism as a way of reaping the fruits of what he sees as a successful campaign: "I personally am in favor of stopping these actions [suicide bombings] and in favor of letting the peace process return to its natural course because I believe the present intifada has brought great achievements and we now have to take the benefits" (Al-Hayat al-Jadida, June 1, 2003).

THE FRIDAY sermon, for years a source of horrific incitement to hatred of Jews, continued with the same hate messages this past week: "Allah, take revenge against our enemies Take [destroy] the Jews and their helpers..."

One sermon glorified the shahada (used by the PA to define suicide terrorism) and included a lengthy call specifically to mothers to send their sons to die for Allah: "Alkhansaa [a woman who converted to Islam at the time of Muhammad] gave her four sons, encouraged them to go out to jihad to fight the enemy, and told them: 'Go to battle so that God will honor me by you...' Alkhansaa got news of their death as shahids [martyrs] and said 'Praise to the Lord, who honored me with their being killed.'

Joke Of The Day

I've decided to begin posting a "Joke Of The Day" everyday.

Well, no, I haven't, but sometimes it sure seems like it. PA prepares own dossier on 'incitement'

In an effort to counter Israeli charges of incitement to violence, the Palestinian Authority has published a report detailing what it describes as Israeli incitement against Palestinians.

The report lists the following examples of continued incitement by Israeli officials and newspapers:

Remarks made by Infrastructure Minister Avigdor Lieberman about the release of Palestinian prisoners in which he said, "It is better to drown all Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea as it is the lowest point on the globe."

A statement made by Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter in which he threatened the Palestinian Authority by saying that he was giving the Palestinian security forces only three weeks to start disarming all various Palestinian factions.

Remarks made by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon against PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, in which he said, "Arafat undermines [PA Prime Minister Mahmoud] Abbas's government because he continues to control most of the Palestinian security forces and the finances of the PA."

Comments by President Moshe Katsav in which he said, "The peace process will fade out as long as Arafat enjoys a high rank."

A statement made by Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, who was quoted as saying, "Arafat is making every single effort to sabotage Abbas's government and currently he [Arafat] is the major obstacle for the peace process."

Remarks made by IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon, who said, "Arafat deserves death or expulsion but we will not in any way make him a martyr."

Comments made by Israel Radio's Arabic service, Reshet Dalet, which began one of its news programs by declaring that Arafat has been working recently to foil the efforts of Abbas and Dahlan to reach a cease-fire.

Comments made by Shimon Shiffer, the diplomatic editor of Yediot Aharonot, in which he said on the eve of Sharon's visit to Great Britain last week: "The key aim of Sharon's visit is to convince his European counterparts, especially the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, that they have to cut off ties with Arafat as he is a major obstacle to peace."

Are you laughing yet?

Stooping to thier level

We all hear the argument that just because they kill civilians, doesn't mean we should "stoop to thier level" and do the same, and all sorts of that garbage.

Daniel Pipes writes that we should "stoop down to thier level."

Had the United States retaliated in kind for 9/11, Harris tells me, the Islamic holy places would have been destroyed. Had Israelis followed the Arafat model of murderousness, the West Bank and Gaza would now be devoid of Palestinians. Had the West done toward Iraq as Iraq did toward Kuwait, the Iraqi polity would long ago have been annexed and its oil resources confiscated.

While morally commendable, Harris argues, the West's not responding to Muslim ruthlessness with like ruthlessness carries a high and rising price. It allows Muslim political extremists of various stripes to fantasize that they earned their power, when in fact that power derives entirely from the West's arch-civilized restraint.

Daniel Pipes is right. We can't continue to be "civilized" when fighting terrorism. We have to fight them the way they fight us. Teach them a lesson. It's the only way.
Right Of Return

Last week, the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research released a poll shwoing that most Palestinian refugees don't really care about the right of return. Zev Chafets, on Jewish World Review, explains why we should take these results with a grain of salt.

Not only that. Shikaki said that only 10% insisted on "returning" to what is now Israel. And, as he told National Public Radio's Robert Siegel, only about 10% of that 10% would return if it meant taking Israeli citizenship.

Siegel: "So you're saying that approximately, according to this poll, about 1% of Palestinian refugees would opt for both residence and citizenship in the State of Israel."

Shikaki: "That is absolutely correct."

But (there's always a "but") Shikaki continued, "This is not an exchange for the right of return. This is in addition to the right of return."


In fact, Shikaki said that more than 95% of those polled refuse, as a matter of principle, to give up their "right of return." They are prepared to accept something now -- a house, a farm, a few hundred thousand bucks -- as long as that compensation doesn't preclude them from making additional claims down the road.

Why We Support Israel

William Bennet, on National Review, explains why we support Israel, and what the real cause of terrorism is.

An honest look at Islamist or Arab wrath (or both), requires an honest conclusion: Israel's existence, or our support for it, simply cannot be responsible for the terrorism and violence we have born witness to over the past several decades — or, for that matter, the terrorism we suffered on September 11. What these terrorists and thugs hate above all is liberal democracy, religious freedom, and any alternative claim to God or land that they, themselves, claim. This list includes America, Israel, Christianity, moderate Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. It is a long list, a list which makes our task all the more difficult but also a task that makes our resolve all the more important.

Thus we come to how we can help broker a peace deal between Israel and her neighbors as well as Israel and the Palestinians. First, we need follow the principle of the Hippocratic oath: Do no harm — we should not put any pressure on Israel (a democracy) that it believes it cannot handle in negotiating with those who show very little respect for democracy. Second, we should require a signed affidavit — in English and Arabic — from Yasser Arafat declaring that foreign policy, peace negotiations, and security are under the sole bailiwick of the prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas. Third, Abbas needs to make guarantees to the settlers in what will become the Palestinian state: At a minimum, they should be given the choice of where they want to vote — in Israel or in Palestine. Arabs in Israel-proper, after all, vote for and serve in the Israeli parliament. Fourth, Abbas needs to cleanse all official maps, and all state-sponsored schoolbooks, of the lie that his state, proposed or otherwise, encompasses Israel in toto.

Palestinian Efforts

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian PM, has reaffirmed today that the Palestinians will not live up to thier committments.
Abbas in Cairo: No terror group crackdown

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas said he does not plan to crack down on Palestinian terror groups.

"Cracking down on Hamas, Jihad and the Palestinian organizations is not an option at all," Abbas said after meeting with Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa in Cairo today. "We are applying the law which we accepted under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, and that is what we will do."

The latest peace plan, known as the Road Map, explicitly calls for "dismantlement of terrorist capabilities and infrastructure."

The international community will obviously ignore this comment and continue pushing the Road Map down Israel's throat, while allowing the Palestinians to get away with half-measures.
Great News

Saddam's sons, Uday and Qusay, have been killed in a firefight in Northern Iraq with U.S. forces.

Saddam Hussein's sons Odai and Qusai were killed in a six-hour firefight Tuesday when U.S. forces, acting on a tip from an Iraqi informant, surrounded and then stormed a palatial villa in this northern Iraqi town, a senior American general said.

This should shut the liberals up about the war's failure for a while, and maybe the terror attacks against American forces will somewhat subside now, I hope.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Democrat's Hypocrisy

Charles Krauthammer writes why we went to war in Iraq, and points out a serious double-standard in Democrats' policy.

In fact, Bush's case was simply a more elaborate and formal restatement of Bill Clinton's argument in 1998 that, left unmolested, Hussein would "go right on and do more to rebuild an arsenal of devastating destruction. And some day, some way, I guarantee you, he'll use the arsenal."

That was true when Clinton said it. It was true when Bush said it. The difference is that Bush did something about it.

I strongly suggest reading this article. It is excellent.

The World Is A Cleaner Place Today

Idi Amin, former Ugandan president, terrorist, and mass-murderer, is dead.

The former Ugandan President Idi Amin Dada is dead.
Radio Simba has learnt that the former President who has been in a coma finally succumbed to hypertension on Sunday. Family sources told Radio Simba that one of his wives Madina Amin was due to fly to Jedda on Monday to attend to him. The family of the Ex-President Idd Amin is still pleading with the government to allow them fly the body of the former Ugandan leader. It isn’t yet clear whether his body will be flown back for a decent burial.

I Love Americans

It's about time.

A new poll found that less than half of Americans believe the New York Times, still considered the so-called "newspaper of record" by many establishment media organizations, is a reliable purveyor of truth.

Yes I know. You knew this long ago, but it's a step forward.
Hint Hint Hint....

President Bush met today with his Italian counterpart, Silvio Berlusconi, at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Today Syria and Iran continue to harbor and assist terrorists. This behavior is completely unacceptable and states that support terror will be held accountable."

They better be.
Who Said This??

Can you guess who made this wise comment??

"All of the prime minister's comments on removing outposts are an 'Israbluff', the government clearly has a strategy of using the outposts to put spokes in the roadmap's wheels and end Palestinian hopes of territorial contiguity."

Abu Mazen? Arafat? Sheik Yassin? Bashar Assad?


Meretz faction chair woman Zehava Gal-On.

The so-called "Truce."

While the entire world continues to make the Road Map into something it isn't (a peace initiative), Here's what Hamas is doing to prepare for the end of the three month "cease-fire."

Hamas is utilizing the hudna cease-fire to build over 1000 Kassam rockets in an effort to change the balance of power following the three month cessation in hostilities, a senior IDF officer told reporters in Gaza Monday.

Well, you can't blame the Palestinian Authority.

Especially frustrating for the army, he added, is that the IDF feeds the PA intelligence tips from time to time hoping that it will act on them. "That they dealt with [inciting] graffiti and are getting traffic cops back on the streets is nice but the main problem for us is not traffic but weapons smuggling," he said.

Negotiation has so far served as the chief Palestinian modus operandi for preventing attacks, he said. Sometimes "they arrest a militant under the most comfortable conditions possible and release him," within hours. The longest a Palestinian militant has been held, according to the senior source is four days.

Road Map to....what was that?? peace??? I don't think so.

Gee, I wonder

Is he serious??

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said he
had the impression that Israel feels
ostracized. "I was astounded by the Israelis'
feeling of isolation," he said.

That's a brainstorm in my book.
The World is Cracked

It's official, this world is twisted.

ISRAEL will find itself in front of a Libyan ‘judge’ when it appears in the dock at the United Nations this week over alleged human rights abuses.

The UN’s Human Rights Commission - chaired by a diplomat from the North African country that was behind the Lockerbie bombing - will hear Israeli officials defend their country’s record in what is sure to be a stormy encounter in Geneva.

I'm not sure if this article is a prank or not. It's just scary.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

There Is Still Hope

Daniel Pipes seems to strike a cautiously optimistic note on the Road Map.

Yet, I worry. Won't human nature and governmental inertia combine to induce the Bush administration to push the roadmap through to completion, riding roughshod over the pesky details to keep things moving forward? Suppose that Palestinian violence continues; won't there be a temptation to overlook it in favor of keeping to the diplomatic timetable?

That has been the historic pattern whenever democratic states negotiate with totalitarian enemies to close down their conflicts, starting with the British-French attempts to appease Nazi Germany in the 1930s, then the American-Soviet détente in the 1970s, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in the 1990s, and South Korea's sunshine policy with North Korea since 1998. In each case, the delusion that sweetening the pot would bring about the desired results persisted until it was dashed by a major outbreak of violence (the German invasion of Poland, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Oslo war).

In theory, American policymakers can break this pattern. Should Palestinian violence against Israel continue, they would announce something along the lines of: "Well, we did our best, but the Palestinians failed us. The roadmap is a good idea in principle must be postponed until they are ready for it. We are giving up on it for now."

Somehow, I doubt this peace initiative will follow a different path than the ones discussed above.

Seven days terror-free?

Remember when Ariel Sharon was elected in 2001, and he said he demanded seven days of no terrorism before negotiations were conducted??

The Palestinians may be crazy, but theyre not stupid. And, they will wait as long as it takes. They got what they wanted, albeit it took 3 years, but they got it. Negotiations while Israelis are murdered day in day out.

I want to cry.
Who's lying??

Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan said today that recent remarks by Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold, in his testimony to Congress, that Saudi Arabia funds Hamas, are "lies and unsubstantiated accusations."

I love how they use those big words to sound educated.

"It should be known that Dore Gold is not an expert on Saudi society, faith or culture. He is simply hatred's scribe. He has opposed virtually every major peace initiative over the past two decades. Dore Gold has carried on a campaign of lies, and unsubstantiated accusations. His goal is to malign the Saudi government and drive a wedge between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Ironically, this is the very same objective shared by Osama bin Laden," bin Sultan said.

"Not an expert on Saudi society??"

Dore Gold, who received his PhD in Saudi Arabia studies from Columbia University, told the Jerusalem Post Sunday that evidence linking Saudi Arabia to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations was found in Palestinian headquarters in the West Bank last year.

"I suggest that Prince Bandar read Saudi documents in Arabic left around Palestinian headquarters which show a direct connection between Saudi Arabia and the terrorist campaign of Hamas and Islamic jihad against the people of Israel," Gold said.

"He has opposed virtually every major peace initiative over the past two decades??"

As to the accusation that Gold opposes virtually every major peace initiative, the former ambassador said, "I attended the Aqaba peace summit at the invitation of Prime Minister Sharon, but I don't remember seeing Prince Bandar there."

Congrats to Dore Gold for his handling of the situation.
U.N. Watch

The Palestinian Authority [PA] has named a summer camp for girls after the
first woman suicide bomber - Wafa Idris. Idris murdered 1 and injured over
150 in Jerusalem, when she blew herself up on January 27, 2002. This is a
continuation of PA policy of naming educational programs, schools, and
summer camps after terrorists, including, suicide bombers.

The camp received UN funding through UNICEF.

We pay for the UN to be in New York!! This is beyond insanity.

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