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There's No Sand In Saudi Arabia Either

Saudi royals funding Palestinian jihad

Obviously, "For its part, the Saudi government says it is doing all it can to assist the U.S. in the fight against terrorism. On July 3, Saudi officials said the kingdom's security forces had arrested more than 125 terrorist suspects since May 12. This is in addition to the more than 300 arrested since September 11, 2001," says a statement published on the kingdom's U.S. embassy website. Saudi Arabia is determined to crush the terrorists and is doing everything to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and residents," said Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the kingdom's ambassador to the United States.

Right. There's no terrorism or Wahabbism emanating from Saudi Arabia.
Screw The French

Lance Armstrong and the US Postal cycling team have won the team time trial at the Tour de France , with a commanding 30 second lead over the second place winners, Team ONCE.

Yay!! Anything that can get the French angry makes me happy.

"Moderate" Muslims

This is why I don't take any "moderate" Muslims seriously. Does the Council of American Islamic Relations sound familiar to you? It's also known as CAIR. Theyre the "moderate" Muslim organization which advertises in the New York Times, in the bottom right-hand corner on the Op-ed page, about what a loving and peaceful religion Islam is.

They're the same organization that today had thier former spokesman indicted for conspiring to train on American soil for a "violent jihad." Muslim-rights voice
indicted in jihad plot

I know most right-minded people don't believe in moderate Muslims, just like they don't believe in Peter Pan. But, just in case you don't mind CAIR funding Hamas, which was reported in the news last year, and that isn't enough reason for you to declare them terrorists, then read the above link.
Two Scary Stories Regarding N. Korea

Debkafile reports: S. Korea claims North Korea recently carried out 70 tests on nuclear explosive devices. Seoul says North appears to have reprocessed some of its 8,000 spent nuclear fuel rods. Report is not confirmed from other sources.

Report: Iranian cargo ship in N Korea : A South Korean newspaper reported on Wednesday that an Iranian cargo ship arrived in North Korea last week, probably to pick up weapons, but Seoul's Defense Ministry could not confirm the report.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get worried about Iran and N. Korea
Anti-Semitism At Rutgers

Rutgers University is hosting an anti-Israel fest, sponsored by ISM, the terror supporting movement of which Rachel Corrie was a member. Israpundit has the details.


Regime change in Iran?

Andrew Sullivan has an amazing piece on Iran, from the June 20th edition of the Sunday Times of London.

For the first time in along while, that now seems possible. The inspiring stories from Iran of students and opposition groups braving hired Afghan thugs to demand freedom and democracy have finally woken up Americans to the possibility of a win-win. "When the time is right we will all join," a female student told the BBC last week. "I can smell it in the air. This time is different. I despise Islam and the mullahs even though I am officially a Muslim now. I don't have the right to change my religion in Iran. I despise the regime and so do 90 percent of the Iranians. All the people who elected Khatami despise the regime and they thought he'd bring change. We fight for a referendum conducted by the United Nations. The masses support the students and are waiting for the right time to make the final impact." Of course, these protests have been going on for years; and some of them have been unabashedly pro-American. But the impact of nascent democracy next door and the continued failure of the mullahs to provide anything approximating accountable government seem to have pushed the opposition to new heights. The fact that the Islamist dictators have had to rely on imported vigilantes to maintain order suggests how fragile their regime might now be.

I am strongly encouraged by news coming out of Iran recently, and hopeful that American lives will not have to be put in danger to bring about regime change in Iran.
BBC watch

The BBC reports that "the truce was jolted again by an incident overnight when Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian man outside the West Bank town of Jenin."

No mention of the "jolt" the other day, in which a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing one innocent civilian.

The stupid act worked
Abu Mazen's alleged "resignation" ploy has apparently worked. The Jerusalem Post reports that "the United States is expected to urge Israel today to release more Palestinian prisoners to avert a crisis within the Palestinian Authority that brought a threat of resignation from Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, Army Radio said. "

See, Abu Mazen needs more murderers released so when he decides to initiate the intifadah again, he'll have his skilled killers back, and more won't need to be trained. Oh no, I'm sorry, that's all wrong. The real reason he wants them released is to garner support for his "peace" efforts. How could I make that mistake?

I can't believe it. I just can't. The United States is falling for this. They really are.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

BBC Bias
Disinfect the BBC before it poisons a new generation

A fascinating article by Barbara Amiel on what to do with the BBC, the British Broadcasting corporation, and some examples of its nasty distortions.

In the early days of the Iraq war, the BBC's architectural expert, Dan Cruikshank, filmed On the Road to Armageddon, a 60-minute documentary about the effect of the war on Middle East historical artefacts. The programme was a breathtaking farrago of distortions, historical illiteracy and appalling insinuations against Israel, despite Cruikshank's assertion that he was "objective" and had "no axe to grind".

The effect of the programme was to blame Israel for imperilling the historical monuments of the region. There was not a single reference, even as Cruikshank's own footage depicted the care Israel took of Christian and Muslim monuments, to the shocking defacing of historical architecture in East Jerusalem when it was under Arab control.

And it was riddled with errors: as if the 29 Arabs murdered by the Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in 1994 were not enough, Cruikshank had to inflate the figure to 70. The Guardian and Arab Media Watch loved it, as they did the programmes on the Jenin massacre that didn't happen.

But factual errors can be corrected. The deeper problem in the BBC is its editorial emphasis and the spin it puts on news and current affairs stories. Every news-gathering organisation has some spin - it is inevitable. But unlike continental Europe, Britain does not have a parti pris broadcast system.

The BBC mandate is to be independent of the government of the day and to be objective in its reporting. For a long time, the BBC has been captured by one end of the political spectrum and, with negligible exceptions, all the people who work for it.

They have handled the corporation, especially in news and current affairs, as if it were the party organ of Labour's Left wing or, at best, the Fabians. This would be acceptable in French public television under a Socialist government, but it is a breach of trust in Britain.

Absolutely. Banish the BBC!! That's a nice chant, I like it.

25 million may sound like a lot...
Washington has offered a $25 million reward for information leading to Saddam's capture or confirmation of his death.

Yes, it does sound like a lot of money, until you realize that Nike is paying Lebron James, a kid who can't drink in all 50 states and has yet to play a minute of college ball, let alone pro ball, $90 million over the next seven years to be a walking advertisement.

Why go look for Saddam when I can just play ball?

Israelis in Gaza (not settlers dammit) say no to any more murder
The Jewish residents of Gaza won their second "battle" against the intentions to abandon their security in two days. The road passing through Kfar Darom will remain closed to Arab traffic - for now.
BBC BS & Bias
The 29 June truce statement - by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah - calls for the release of "all Palestinian and Arab prisoners" and threatens a resumption of violence if the condition is not met.

The BBC writes as if the goal of the Road Map was a truce, and if Israel doesn't release the murderers from jail, then it is to blame for the resumption of violence.
The BBC ignores the fact that the Road Map calls for "dismantling terrorist organizations," not declaring a truce, and decides to blame Israel for its failure from now.

Just a sidepoint: I use the word truce because it is easy to use, but what was declared by the terrorist organizations was a "Hudna," not a truce. A Hudna is a period of calm meant to reorganize and rearm as to gain time to learn how to fight the enemy better. In other words, the Hudna is a strategic decision, not an ideological one, which is what the media treat it as.
You Think?!
"Iran's Missiles and Ideology an Unhealthy Mix"--headline, Jerusalem Post, July 7
Why Sharon Is Worse than Labor

Steven Plaut writes about Israel´s Hudna Capitulation.

Why is the Road Map so foolish? For one, it comes after a decade of Oslo. It is based on all of the old Oslo delusions and stupidity and games of make-pretend. But Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin at least could claim the right to benefit of the "doubt", because they were venturing into the unknown and were testing a new path, one that the rest of us knew was foolish and destructive, but still was open to doubt before being tested.

Sharon has none of that working for him. Sharon is implementing the "Road Map" after the past decade provided daily empirical proof that all of the "thinking" behind Oslo was wrong and that Oslo was a "process" for producing Israeli national suicide and not peace. Oslo was based on trying to achieve victory through Israeli weakness and defeatism. It was based on the belief that Islamofascist terror could be eliminated through demonstrations of goodwill and willingness to compromise, by niceness instead of harshness. Terror could be ended not through armed victory and suppression of violence, but by payoffs to those performing the violence.

I still believe that Ariel Sharon is the best thing for Israel right now, but I am slowly losing faith in him. God help us.....
As Was September 11th

Sudan's foreign minister says Tuesday's plane crash which killed at least 115 people was the direct result of U.S. sanctions.

Mustafa Osman Ismail says the accident was caused by a lack of spare parts, which he says, were unavailable because of U.S. sanctions. The U.S. imposed sanctions on Sudan in 1997. It also remains on the U.S. list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

Haha, try that site I linked the article to. If it accidentally goes to Jokes.com, don't be surprised. Hahaha that's funny....

Is This Where My Taxes Are Going??

U.S. administration and congressional sources
said the
first installment of $20 million would
be announced as early as Tuesday and would be
used to improve basic services in Palestinian
areas being vacated by Israeli forces under a
U.S.-backed peace plan known as the road map.



It's a fabulous show, it really is: Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian PM, is threatening to quit. Right, like he really means that. It's all a ploy. Abbas says that the "extremists" (as if he isn't one) are pressuring him to do more and not make so many concessions to Israel. This way, Abbas displays himself as a moderate, and any terrorism that happens is to be blamed on the other "extremists." What a load of bull.

Update: "If Abu Mazen were to resign, that would be the result of Israeli pressure because he secured a ceasefire, whereas Israel seems to want to provoke a (Palestinian) civil war," said Sakher Habash, a fellow member of Fatah's central committee.

Oh, now they don't want him to resign anymore, they're begging him to stay, and if he leaves, it's all Israels fault. (That's a shocker, I must say.) I'd expect them to wait a little longer after his "resignation" to ask him to stay. At least they should make an effort at thier pathetic lying. Like Charles Johnson says, "these guys need a script consultant."
Go Ahead, Shout It Out, OSLO!!!
Road Map peace process to continue despite Monday's attack

Monday night's suicide bomb blast in Kfar Yavetz won't derail the diplomatic process because it happened inside the time frame Israel gave the Palestinian Authority to reorganize and combat terror, a senior diplomatic official said Tuesday.

When are they going to get it? When are they going to stop relying on the Arabs to save Jewish lives? When will it end? Somehow, I don't see the end in sight.

"Cycle of Violence" is starting to sound pretty accurate to me. The Arabs kill, they declare a truce to rearm, and then the cycle of Arab killing starts again. (I don't think that's what the media defines as a cycle of violence though. )

Monday, July 07, 2003

Great article and ever so true, everyone should read this and the best part
is an educated non-Jew wrote it. It shows there are proper thinking people
in this world; I just wish there were more of them. Ed Joe McCain is a
person who connects the dots. A must read. (I had to put the entire article, because I got it in an e-mail, and there was no link to it.)

There is a lot of worry popping up in the media just now -- "Can Israel
survive?" Don't worry about it. It relates to something that Palestinians,
the Arabs, and perhaps most Americans don't realize -- the Jews are never
going quietly again. Never. And if the world doesn't come to understand that
millions of Arabs are going to die. It's as simple as that.

Throughout the history of the world, the most abused, kicked-around race of
people have been the Jews. Not just the holocaust of World War II, but for
thousands of years. They have truly been "The Chosen People" in a terrible
and tragic sense.

The Bible story of Egypt's enslavement of the Jews is not just a story, it
is history, if festooned with theological legend and heroic epics. In 70
A.D. the Romans, which had for a long time tolerated the Jews ?even admired
them as 'superior' to other vassals -- tired of their truculent demands for
independence and decided on an early "Solution" to the Jewish problem.
Jerusalem was sacked and reduced to near rubble, Jewish resistance was
pursued and crushed by the implacable Roman War Machine -- (see "Masada").
And thus began The Diaspora, the dispersal of Jews throughout the rest of
the world. Their homeland destroyed, their culture crushed, they looked
desperately for the few niches in a hostile world where they could be safe.
That safety was fragile, and often subject to the whims of moody hosts. The
words 'pogrom', 'ghetto', and 'anti-Semitism' come from this treatment of
the first monotheistic people.

Throughout Europe changing times meant sometimes tolerance, sometimes even
warmth for the Jews, but eventually it meant hostility, then malevolence.
There is not a country in Europe or Western Asia that at one time or another
has not decided to lash out against the children of Moses,
sometimes by whim, sometimes by manipulation.

Winston Churchill calls Edward I one of England's very greatest kings. It
was under his rule in the late 1200's that Wales and Cornwall were hammered
into the British crown, and Scotland and Ireland were invaded and occupied.
He was also the first European monarch to set up a really effective
administrative bureaucracy, surveyed and censured his kingdom, established
laws and political divisions. But he also embraced the Jews. Actually
Edward didn't embrace Jews so much as he embraced their money. For the
English Jews had acquired wealth -- understandable, because this people that
could not own land or office, could not join most of the trades and
professions, soon found out that money was a very good thing to accumulate.
Much harder to take away than land or a store, was a hidden sock of gold and
silver coins. Ever resourceful, Edward found a way -- he borrowed money
from the Jews to finance imperial ambitions in Europe, especially France.
The loans were almost certainly not made gladly, but how do you refuse your
King? Especially when he is 'Edward the Hammer'. Then, rather than pay
back the debt, Edward simply expelled the Jews.
Edward was especially inventive -- he did this twice. After a time, he
invited the Jews back to their English homeland, borrowed more money, then
expelled them again.

Most people do not know that Spain was one of the early entrants into The
Renaissance. People from all over the world came to Spain in the late
medieval period. All were welcome -- Arabs, Jews, and other Europeans. The
University of Salamanca was one of the great centers of learning in the
world -- scholars of all nations; all fields came to Salamanca to share
their knowledge and their ideas. But in 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella,
having driven the last of Moors from the Spanish Shield, were persuaded by
the righteous fundamentalists of the time to announce "The Act of
purification". A series of steps were taken in which all Jews and Arabs and
other non-Christians were expelled from the country, or would face the tools
and the torches of The Inquisition. From this "cleansing" come the
Sephardim Jews --- as opposed to the Ashkenazim or Eastern Europe.

In Eastern Europe, the sporadic violence and brutality against Jews are
common knowledge. 'Fiddler' without the music and the folksy humor. At
times of fury, no accommodation by the Jew was good enough; no profile low
enough, no village poor enough or distant enough. From these come the
near-steady flow of Jews to the United States. And despite the disdain of
the Jews by most 'American' Americans they came to grab the American Dream
with both hands, and contributed everything from new ideas of enterprise in
retail and entertainment to becoming some of our finest physicians and
lawyers. The modern United States, in spite of itself, IS The United States
in part because of its Jewish blood.

Then the Nazi Holocaust -- the corralling, sorting, orderly eradication of
millions of the people of Moses. Not something that other realms in other
times didn't try to do, by the way, the Germans were just more organized and
had better murder technology.

I stood in the center of Dachau for an entire day, about 15 years ago,
trying to comprehend how this could have happened. I had gone there on a
side trip from Munich, vaguely curious about this Dachau. I soon became
engulfed in the enormity of what had occurred there nestled in this middle
and working class neighborhood. How could human beings do this to other
human beings, hear their cries, their pleas, their terror, their pain, and
continue without apparently even wincing? I no longer wonder. At some
times, some places, ANY sect of the human race is capable of horrors against
their fellow man, whether a member of the Waffen SS, a Serbian sniper, a
Turkish policeman in 1920's Armenia, a Mississippi Klansman.

Because even in the United States not all was a Rose Garden. For a long time
Jews had quotas in our universities and graduate schools. Only so many Jews
could be in a medical or law school at one time. Jews were disparaged
widely. I remember as a kid Jewish jokes told without a wince -- "Why do
Jews have such big noses?"

Well, now the Jews have a homeland again. A place that is theirs. And
that's the point. It doesn't matter how many times the United States and
European powers try to rein in Israel, if it comes down to survival of its
nation, its people, they will fight like no lioness has ever fought to
save her cubs. They will fight with ferocity, a determination, and a skill,
that will astound us. And many will die, mostly their attackers, I believe.
If there were a macabre historical betting parlor, my money would be on the
Israelis to be standing at the end. As we killed the kamikazes and the
Wehrmacht soldaten of World War II, so will the Israelis kill their suicidal
attackers, until there are not enough to torment them. The irony goes
unnoticed -- while we are hammering away to punish those who brought the
horrors of last September here, we restrain the Israelis from the same
retaliation. Not the same thing, of course -- We are We; they are they.
While we mourn and seethe at September 11th, we don't notice that Israel has
a September 11th sometimes every day. We may not notice, but it doesn't
make any difference. And it doesn't make any difference whether you are
pro-Israeli or you think Israel is the bully of the Middle East.
If it comes to where a new holocaust looms -- with or without the
concurrence of the United States and Europe -- Israel will lash out without
pause or restraint at those who would try to annihilate their country.

The Jews will not go quietly again.

Joe McCain

>Andrew Wilkey must be fired

Bruce Ticker, on INN, makes the case that Andrew Wilkey,the anti Semitic Oxford professor who rejected an applicant solely because of his nationality, or his religion, whichever you choose, must be fired.

A Jewish friend who takes a hard line in support of Israel framed this episode as another example of anti-Semitism. It is far more important than that. It is abuse of power. It is job discrimination. It would be just as reprehensible if an ardent supporter of Israel discriminated against an Arab or Muslim at the workplace. This can happen to anyone, and in fact it does.

Because of the supervisory responsibilities of his job, Wilkie should know from the outset that it is grossly unprofessional to deny work to an applicant on the basis of his heritage. If Wilkie is allowed to keep his job, the message will be sent that any supervisor can conduct any action just as severe and get away with it. It will also tell Israel-bashers that they can keep up the drumbeat against Israel. Not all anti-Semitic conduct at work needs to result in dismissal, but the Wilkie case is that severe.

The Sick Twisted Arab Mentality

Steven Plaut gets it just right, The Olso Ratchet.

The iron law of Arab violence is very simple. The longer one waits to suppress it with military force, the greater the actual amount of force and violence required to end it. The only way to end it at low cost is to do so with overwhelming superiority and unambiguous determination at the very start, the moment it raises its head. The "restraint" strategy favored by the entire world when it comes to Israel - including by Israel´s own leaders - does not offer an alternative to using force to suppress Arab violence. It is merely a delaying tactic that makes the amount of force actually needed to achieve the goal several orders of magnitude higher.

Violence is the only thing the Arabs understand. I don't buy any of the "We can't stoop down to thier level" BS. Steven Plaut hits the nail on the head. To win this war, we must use overwhelming force and "brutality." It's the only way.

Two US soldiers killed in separate overnight attacks in Baghdad – one in pursuit of Iraqi gunmen, second in RPG attack on his vehicle, Debkafile reports.
May these heroes rest in peace.
God bless America.
Iran has been denying for a while that they're nuclear program is to be used for anything pertaining to the military. See, Iran has learned a lesson from Iraq. Don't lie completely, and say there are NO WMD's. The golden rule is that for a lie to pass as truth, it must contain some of the latter. So, Iran says,yes, we do have a nuclear program, but it's only for peaceful purposes. Yea, and the Palestinians also want peace.
Im sure the long range Shihab 3 missle, successfully tested today, is also for peaceful purposes.

I'm not sure about you guys, but the combination of a nuclear program and long range missles that can reach Israel scares me. On the other hand, it is supposed to be for peaceful purposes.
Putin: Russia won't give in to terrorism
"No country in the world bows to the dictates of terrorists and Russia will not do so either," Putin said, according to the news agency Interfax. "We must pluck them out from the basements and caves where they are hiding and destroy them."

But, Putin means, Israel should.
Palestinians fight terrorism
House Explosion Kills Two

A home exploded in the Kfar Yavetz moshav in the Sharon area, killing the 65-year-old woman who lived in the house and an as-yet-unidentified young man.

This is just the beginning people, just the beginning.

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Hello people,
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