Friday, July 18, 2003

Who Knew??

The IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog, has found enriched Uranium in Iran.

THE DIPLOMATS, WHO asked not to be named, said initial analysis showed enrichment levels possibly consistent with an attempt to make weapons-grade material and high enough to cause concern at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Iran insists it has no interest in building nuclear weapons, as Washington charges, but has resisted international calls for it to accept tougher inspections of its nuclear program.

The Israeli Arab Minority

Caroline Glick says what has to be said about Arab Minorities. Not just in Israel, but all over the world.

The problem with Muslim minorities in Israel and in other Western democracies is not that they do not wish to assimilate per se. There are many examples of ethnic and religious minorities, like ultra-orthodox Jews for instance, who wish to live happily and peacefully and separately from the larger national majorities in the countries where they reside. In Israel, the Black Hebrew sect like the Amish in Pennsylvania are other examples of minorities that live peacefully while separating themselves off by tradition, lifestyle and belief from the rest of their countrymen.

The problem with Muslim and Arab minorities in Israel and other Western countries is that increasingly their leaders are not calling for separation from the majority culture. Rather they are calling for the overthrow by a mixture of violence and subversion of the majority culture itself. The aim of men like Bishara and Vadillo and Rieger is not to live as a separate minority group but to destroy the cultures of the countries they live in and to replace these ways of life with their own. That is, these leaders stand opposed to the right of the Jews to be Jews, the French to be French, the Americans to be Americans and the Germans to be Germans. In the name of Palestinian nationalism or Islamic purity, these men wish not to ensure their minority rights but to overturn the majorities' right as free peoples' to self-determination.

We must understand what thier goals are, and not be "politically correct." There are no Arab civilians. They are all soldiers, waiting to take over the country they live in.

I sound like some sick paranoid freak. I'm not, and time will tell that I am not.
Palestinian Lies

Usually, I'll give the Palestinians credit, they're good liars. This, though, is terrible Saeb Erakat, a Palestinian "Lawmaker," says that terror is down 99%.

Palestinian terrorism is down by 99 percent thanks to the Palestinian Authority's efforts to orchestrate a hudna and PA security measures, former PA cabinet minister Saeb Erekat told The Jerusalem Post Thursday. Erekat rejected claims by Israeli officials that the PA is still not doing enough to dismantle the terror infrastructure.

See, if he chose a number like 67%, than I think it would've even fooled some educated people. But 99%, you just know he's lying. It's pathetic.

Again, Why We Went To War In Iraq

This is why:

In the latest in a series of grisly discoveries, the U.S. military said Thursday it found another mass grave this one in northern Iraq and thought to contain the bodies of up to 400 Kurdish women and children slain by Saddam Hussein's regime.

Some 25 sets of remains all women and children — have been pulled from the grave, each with a bullet hole in the skull. The military said the size of the area leads them to believe the site contains between 200 and 400 bodies.

Since the end of the Iraq war, at least 60 mass graves, some with hundreds of corpses, have been discovered. The United Nations is investigating the killing or disappearance of at least 300,000 Iraqis believed murdered during Saddam's regime.

I don't get it. Is this not good enough for all of our sanctimonious human-rights activists?

History Of Christian Zionism

Daniel Pipes has an excellent article on The Christian right. How it became into being, and what its role is in the world today.

The same pattern is again visible these days, as Christian leaders such as Gary Bauer, Jerry Falwell and Richard Land more vocally oppose the "road map" for Palestinian-Israeli diplomacy than nearly all their Jewish counterparts. But this bold Christian solidarity with Israel should not be surprising, as it manifests a Christian form of Zionism that is nearly two centuries old.
Worldwide Protests Against The Road Map

Check it out.
BBC Bias
The BBC has on its website a sort of FAQ's on the Road Map to "peace." It's actually almost balanced, but you don't expect a completely balanced report from the BBC do you?

One of the questions is, of course, How committed is Israel to implement the roadmap? Of course, you'd expect the question after that to ask the same about the Palestinians, but No. I guess the answer to that question is pretty clear considering the Palestinians' record since July 8th:

July 8: Shooting attack on workers near Kalkilya ... Shooting attack on Israeli motorists near Jenin ... Terrorist intercepted on his way to an attack near Carmel.

July 9: Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in Samaria ... Firebomb attack on Israeli soldiers in Kedumim ... Arson attack on homes in Kadim.

July 10: Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers northeast of Shechem (Nablus).

July 11: Stabbing attack on an Israeli in Karnei Shomron.

July 12: An Israeli taxi driver was kidnapped near Jerusalem.

July 13: Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in Rafiah ... Grenade attack on Israeli soldiers in Netzarim ... Attack on Israeli motorists near Yitzhar ... Attack on Israeli motorists near Itamar.

July 14: Stabbing attack at the Tel Aviv beachfront; one person murdered, two wounded ... Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in Shechem (Nablus) ... Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in Kadim ... Shooting attack on an Israeli Army outpost near Neve Dekalim.

Somehow I don't think the BBC is using the same logic as I am as to why that question wasn't asked.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The N. Korea Problem

I feel I have to point out the reason why we went into Iraq. Here it is:

North Korea warns US: we can produce six atom bombs

That's why.
Sharon Is Beginning To Sound Like Peres

A Reuters article on the recent stabbing attack in Israel has this headline: After Attack Israel Urges Abbas to Disarm Militants

When is Israel going to stop "urging" the Palestinians? When will they understand that only "urging" with an F-16 will do the trick?
permission slips

I rememeber when I was in 3rd grade, we used to get permission slips a few days before field trips. If our parents didn't sign, we didn't go.

In related news to "My 3rd Grade Memories," The Sharia court in Qatar has issued a Fatwa, a religious ruling:

DOHA: In its recent Fatwa (Islamic legal opinion), the Shariah Court in Qatar has banned the travel of young Muslims to another country for Jihad (holy war) without having the permission of their parents. “It is considered against Islam to travel to another country for Jihad without permission from one’s parents”, the Sharia Courts said in statement yesterday. Quoting the Holy Quran, sayings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and several Islamic scholars, the Sharia Court said in its Fatwa that young Muslims should know the conditions of Jihad and the provisions of Islamic thinking before leaving their country. The Court also said the permission of “those charged with authority among Muslims” is necessary to initiate Jihad.

A different type of trip, yes, but all the same: Don't forget your permission slips!!!
Mistaken Identity

The alleged IRA bombmaker arrested by Israeli security forces has turned out to be an Irish journalist.

Israel is to release Northern Irish journalist and
pro-Palestinian activist John Morgan, who was
arrested near Ramallah on Saturday in the mistaken
belief that he was a member of the Real IRA who
had travelled to the region to train Palestinian
militants in bomb-making.

The Shin Bet security service,
which has been questioning Morgan, has ended
its investigation and he will apparently be
released Wednesday. It is not yet clear whether
Morgan will be deported from Israel for his
connections to the pro-Palestinian
International Solidarity Movement. Israel has
deported a number of ISM activists over the
past months.

Another one of these ISM creatures. No wonder he was mistaken for a terrorist.

Live Chat With Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post Deputy Managing Editor and amazing columnist, will answer questions in a live chat, Thursday July 17th, at 10 AM est time.

Not something you want to miss.
He's Only An Israeli

It seems that Britian's Independent doesn't believe the murder of an Israeli is worthy of a headline. Instead, its buried in the eight paragrpah in the story. Apparently, Jack Straw's remarks that he will continue dealing with the world's oldest terrorist are more important.
The 16 Word "Scandal"

While all the liberals are attacking President Bush for "misleading" the American people, The British are standing by thier report that Saddam did intend to buy uranium from Niger. Why is GB keeping it to themselves? The Daily Telegraph reports that the French intelligence service "is believed" to have refused to allow Britain's MI6 to share the information with the U.S.:

US intelligence sources believe that the most likely source of the MI6 intelligence was the French secret service, the DGSE. Niger is a former French colony and its uranium mines are run by a French company that comes under the control of the French Atomic Energy Commission.

A further factor in the refusal to hand over the information might have been concern that the US administration's willingness to publicise intelligence might lead to sources being inadvertently disclosed.

US sources also point out that the French government was vehemently opposed to the war with Iraq and so suggest that it would have been instinctively against the idea of passing on the intelligence.

Wow, that's all I have to say. Wow.
Reuters Bias

Honestreporting has completed a one month study of Reuters reporting, and has concluded that Reuters are biased towards the Palestinians and against Israel. I swear I didn't need a study for this one, but it helps.
It Was A Success

All we hear in the media today is the "quagmire" in Iraq that the US can't seem to find a way out of. They ignore the major achievements of the war in Iraq and elsewhere. Ralph Peters of the NY Post explains:

During the war, unseasoned journalists reported every minor exchange of fire as if it were the Little Big Horn, Part Two. Now, the obsession of reporters with every sprained ankle in our occupation force ignores the tremendous good we have done, the strategic advantages we have gained - and the potential, at last, for a measure of meaningful progress in the world's most politically, culturally and morally backward region.

If we took the criteria for instant failure that the media and our most self-interested politicians apply to Iraq and applied them here at home, the U.S. government would be obliged to evacuate California and abandon Mississippi, since two shooting incidents in those states last week killed more Americans than did the low-level violence in Iraq.

Fantastic article, pointing out the major successes of the war, although I do disagree with his statement that there is a better chance now for Israeli-Palestinian peace. It ain't happening people.
Egyptian anti-Semitism

Is this what the United States is funding with its $2 billion a year aid to Egypt??

Monday, July 14, 2003

To The US Military: Thank You

A fantastic video paying tribute to our fantastic military, right here.

(thanks LGF)
Palestinians imitate the FBI

A few days ago, an Israeli taxi driver was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists. Here's what Reuters, quoting a Palestinian "official," has to say about it.

Ramallah was under curfew on Monday as Israeli and Palestinian forces hunted for a missing Israeli taxi driver who Israel says may have been kidnapped.

A senior Palestinian security official said the taxi driver's disappearance did not appear to be connected with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "This Israeli was kidnapped over a criminal issue linked to car theft," he said.

Remember last July 4th an Arab man opened fire at the El-Al ticket counter at LAX? The FBI said he was angry because his toilet wasn't flushing, or something like that.

I must say, at least the FBI got it right 7 months later, when they finally "figured out" that it was terrorism. I don't think this Palestinian "official" will ever get around to "figuring that out."
Hudna, Palestinian Style

The "truce" charade continues as Terrorist kills one person, injures two others in Tel Aviv.

An Israeli man was killed and two others were wounded late Monday night when a Palestinian armed with a knife stabbed passers by on Tel Aviv's beachfront promenade, close to Jaffa. The terrorist was wounded and captured.

This is really starting to piss me off. Enough is enough. How many have to die? How many dammit?

New EU Mideast Envoy

One would think that with a new Mideast Envoy, maybe the Euro-Israeli relationship would get a little better, but NO.

In a statement, the EU said Otte would pursue the bloc's goal of peace in the region based on "a two-state solution with Israel and a democratic, viable, peaceful and sovereign Palestinian state living side-by-side."

Otte has direct experience in the region, serving as Belgian ambassador to Israel from 1992-1996.

His previous positions also include director for security policy at the Belgian foreign ministry, and two stints at the Belgian embassy in Washington. He has worked closely with Solana at EU headquarters since 1999.

A few things bother me about these paragraphs. One, he has direct experience in the region. It's always better to have someone who doesn't have experience in the Middle East, because to any average person who isn't anti-Semitic, and doesn't know much about the Middle East, Israel seems to be the good guy. Once you get absorbed into the Arab lies and propaganda, you become pro-Palestinian.

Two, he srved as Belgian ambassador to israel for four years. Yes, the same Belgium that wanted to prosecute Ariel Sharon for "war crimes."

Three, "He has worked closely with Solana at Eu headquarters since 1999." Javier Solana is the EU foreign Policy Chief. Anybody who knows anything about him knows he's an anti-Semite and a....well......yea...I'll be blunt......a moron. He even claimed that "there is no anti-Semitism in Europe." Anything else but a moron??

In short, don't expect a change.
Act II (Encore! continued)

Arafat and Abbas still think they're on Broadway, Arafat and Abbas reach agreement to end internal PA crisis

Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, settled their differences in a meeting in Arafat's office in the West Bank town of Ramallah on Monday, Palestinian officials said.

The two have been at odds since the three main Palestinian groups declared a temporary halt in attacks against Israelis. The Palestinians followed that with a demand on Israel to release the estimated 7,000 prisoners it is holding, but Israel has offered to free only a few hundred.

Critics in the Fatah, headed by Arafat, criticized Abbas, saying he was too soft on the Israelis.

They finally solved the problem, thank heavens. See, Arafat wasn't talking to Abbas because Abbas was being too soft on the Israelis. So, Abbas gave in, and now he's going to demand that all the prisoners be released, so Arafat will be his friend again.

Result: Colin Powell tells Sharon, "Listen, Ariel old buddy old pal, Abbas needs to be strengthened, he needs our support. Let a few more murderers out of jail."

This is so sad. I never saw any Broadway Show. I'm glad I'm finally getting a chance.

What War Against Terrorism??

Jack Straw, the British Foreign Secretary, has apparently told Ariel Sharon to shove it.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Monday that Britain would continue to work with Yasser Arafat, despite Sharon's contention that Arafat should be removed from power, a British official said.

Remind me, someone, who it was that joined forces with America to remove one of the world's most dangerous people?
Remind me, why the same nation is now kissing up to the worlds oldest terrorist, even when the United States has now forgotten about him and is dealing with a younger terrorist? (Abu Mazen)
This Just In!!

Does anyone sincerely need a "study" to realize this?

In a study to be released next month by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and provided exclusively to The Jerusalem Post, Palestinian sources confirm that at least 34 Palestinian armed terrorists were killed fighting in the battle for the Jenin Refugee Camp.

The study reveals that for the first time that Palestinian terror organizations saw themselves as "armed combatants" and not as civilians who died in a deadly massacre.

"Deep Inside Of A Parallel Universe
(for those of you who know the Red Hot Chili Peppers Song)

Excellent column by Naomi Ragen, Another Parallel Universe

The high school students were singing and dancing to this song:

"With words and with a rifle we will sing. From Jerusalem to Gaza, Ramallah, Al-Bira, Haifa, Jaffa, and Ramla. There is no alternative even if they promise us the Garden of Eden. The sound of the submachine gun is heard. We will live and die only that our homeland should return to us. I am a Palestinian. My weapon is the stone and the knife."

Doesn't sound like a few settlements to me.

Building A Great Nation Doesn't Always Take Brains, But It Helps

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